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when is it a positive, life affirming structure?

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Structured Water

The structure of water means, “How its molecules are organized.  Water molecules are among the smallest.  We can see how water molecules join together as groups. These are called Clusters.
Scientists found that these Clusters work as memory cells of a certain sort in which water records its whole history of its relationship with the world as if on magnetic tape. Water of course remains water. But its structure, like a nervous system, reacts to any irritation. Modern instruments have made it possible to record the fact that, within each of waters memory cells, there are 440,000 Information Panels. Each of which is responsible for its own type of interaction with the environment. “If you consider a Water Cluster as a group of specific molecules, then it can survive only a short amount of time. But if you consider it as a structure whereby molecules can leave and other molecules come in, the Water Cluster can last effectively for a very long time.”

from the Water-The Great Mystery movie

water cluster

The old idea of materials science was that the
chemical composition of water was the most
important aspect. Now we know it is the structure
of water that is the most important aspect.

Since just about everything can have an affect on water, then in some way, everything is structuring the water as well.  It is the only substance that has been found to be sensitive to the entire frequency band of energy.  It has been found that human intent and emotion have the strongest effect upon water structuring.  Positive emotions projected toward water increases the waters energy and stabilizes the water.  When water is energized and stable, it is in a Life Affirming structure.  Negative emotions projected towards water reduce the waters energy and creates radical changes in the water.  Keep that in mind because 70 to 90% of your body is water and you can structure it with your mental and emotional patterning.  Your body naturally structures it's water according to cellular needs.  A couple ways it does this is through Colloidal processes and natural EM field influence.  Keep your body, thoughts and beliefs healthy and your bodies water structures will be healthier too.  It is estimated that your body produces over 30 different kinds of water to meet it's needs. 

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Triad Burn

Twin Vortex Living Water Technology -
Mirroring the Processes of Nature.

Dual Vortex

We look to nature to view processes that create structured water
with clusters that possess life affirming energy.

Water programmed to be clustered in certain ways by pollution influences, destabilizes the water and lowers its level of energetics. Good programming creates "Coherent" structure that stabilizes and makes the waters energetics more active. So we look to nature to see how water erases negative memory or programming affects and how it rebuilds it and imbues it with healthy structure from natural energies and Information Fields. And in our "Water Of Life Fountain," we duplicate as many of those known natural processes as economically feasible.

Our planet Earth's natural environment,waterfall
when considered in balance & holism,
is the most powerful and sacred organic
Water Structuring Machine that will ever be.

Looking at the holistic water transformation process upon
the planet, one can easily see many of the common
factors that change water structure. There are endless -

Ocean Wave Vortices

If one looks a little closer, it can be seen that every kind of energy that exists is being projected into the world’s water. All forms of light, sound, heat, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, gravitational, geomantic, centrifugal forces, vortex or spinning forces, etc.
And looking closer still, we know solar, galactic, and universal forces affect our planets water.
And last, looking from quantum perspectives, we then realize that thought, emotions and “Information Fields” are also structuring the world’s water.


By the way, “Information Fields” is really implying an intelligent communication of awareness and perception. Currently, Information Fields is a “catch all” phrase for just about everything that exists as a source of intelligent information which organizes and structures all that we know.  It's the organizing principle behind all vibration.

Not so long ago, mainstream science would
have said that water can only be changed
by pressure and temperature. They were wrong.

Thanks to more recent efforts of “Materials Science” and their focus on water and the individual efforts of many entrepreneurs, we now know that all kinds of energy and Field Information can structure water.

Were it not for the immense environmental
pressures from mankind -

the world’s water source overall would be in great shape. We’d have no need for special machines to do what nature already does better and more holistically than we could ever do. And if humanity were to suddenly stop its insane abuse of the environment, in no time at all, Mother Nature would clean things up quite nicely. But the truth is, mankind’s abhorrent pressures upon the planet are also upon ourselves and we DO NEED good sources of water and technologies to begin helping the planet to heal or re-structure its waters.

duplicates as many of Earths' natural
processes for structuring water
as economically feasible.

Its design comes from a holistic viewpoint where the sum of its parts is greater than the whole; rather than one of separate parts each doing separate jobs. The holistic design means that its operation was considered as a whole unit and thus each structuring process of the machine has a multiplicity of connections and interrelations with each other structuring aspect of the machine. Thus, it structures water with a whole and balanced array of physical energies as well as “Information Field” processes that are more coherent and effective due to its holistic design.